GLWN Leads National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Manufacturing Development Project

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

WIRE-Net's GLWN (formerly known as the Great Lakes WIND Network) has been selected to lead a competitiveness analysis funded by the U.S. Department of Energy to boost the U.S. manufacturing sector of hydrogen and fuel cells.

GLWN has partnered with Strategic Analysis Inc, DJW Technologies, E4tech, and EON Consultants to complete a detailed manufacturing analysis of fuel cell systems (automotive and stationary), high pressure hydrogen storage systems, and key high value hydrogen and fuel cell subsystems and components. The analysis will span systems and components manufactured in the U.S., Europe, and Asia to determine the global cost leaders, best current manufacturing processes, key factors determining competitiveness, and potential means of cost reduction.

"The GLWN team has been working with the U.S. Department of Energy since 2010 and recently completed a study 'U.S. Wind Energy Manufacturing and Supply Chain: a Competitiveness Analysis' to build a supply chain for offshore wind. This award will allow us to apply this same competitiveness analysis approach with hydrogen and fuel cells."

Patrick Fullenkamp, GLWN's Director of Technical Services.

Manufacturers and suppliers will benefit through the development of a robust supply chain to support mass production of hydrogen and fuel cell systems which will enable the market to competitively grow. Findings from this study will provide key information to direct investment and infrastructure growth.

For more information about the study, contact GLWN's Dee Holody at 216.920.1959.

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