February 20, 2015
Hydrogen Fuel Cell
GLWN Leads National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Manufacturing Development Project

WIRE-Net's GLWN (formerly known as the Great Lakes WIND Network) has been selected to lead a competitiveness analysis funded by the U.S. Department of Energy to boost the U.S. manufacturing sector of hydrogen and fuel cells.

Manufacturers and suppliers will benefit through the development of a robust supply chain to support mass production of hydrogen and fuel cell systems which will enable the market to competitively grow. Findings from this study will provide key information to direct investment and infrastructure growth.  more

October 17, 2014
Talan Products, Inc.
Stay the Course, Manufacturer
Talan Products, Inc., WIRE-Net Member Since 1991

There's a big, beautiful, bright sun shining over Talan Products. Never mind the fact that the company is located in Cleveland, Ohio (which sees an average of 66 sunny days per year). The company is humming along quite nicely in the solar energy industry.

"We build solar attachment and racking system, or basically the metal parts that are the structural components for solar energy generating systems," said Steve Peplin, the company's CEO.  more

March 28, 2014
Toledo Blade
Play Ball! WIRE-Net Goes to Bat to Advocate on Behalf of Manufacturers

If Northeast Ohio manufacturers acknowledge that the shaky economic climate has contributed to countless sleepless nights, then supply-chain manufacturers in the renewable energy industry must be turning into insomniacs. That's because a shaky economy is little compared to the political uncertainty in the renewables marketplace.

Recently, WIRE-Net president John Colm wrote an op-ed piece published in the Toledo Blade defending Ohio solar manufacturers after the paper published an article that claimed "solar firms proved costly investments" and "tens of millions were wasted on the fledgling industry."  more

November 22, 2013
Ohio Statehouse
WIRE-Net Supports OMA's Amendments to Ohio Energy Efficiency Bill

Substitute SB 58 amendment safeguards lower electricity rates and preserves advances made in energy efficiency and renewable energy throughout the state

WIRE-Net has joined a rapidly-expanding coalition supporting the Ohio Manufacturers' Association's compromise amendment to Ohio Senate Bill 58.

The original bill was proposed by members of the Senate Public Utilities Committee to overhaul Ohio's current policy pertaining to energy efficiency and advanced and renewable energy standards. That bill has been hotly contested by business and consumer groups statewide in Senate hearings over the past two months.  more

October 18, 2013
Ohio Statehouse
Manufacturers Take a Stand Against Energy Bill Overhaul

SB 58 would undo progress made on current renewable energy and efficiency standards in Ohio

Ohio Senate Bill 221 (SB 221), passed into law in 2008, established statewide renewable energy and efficiency improvements, including provisions that called for 12.5% of power generation from renewable sources by 2025, and a 22.2% cumulative electricity efficiency savings by 2025, with a 7% peak demand reduction by 2017 for electric utilities.

Now, five years after passing SB 221, legislation has been introduced by William Seitz (R-Cincinnati) in the Ohio Senate (SB 58) that would overhaul the current state policy pertaining to energy efficiency standards and advanced and renewable energy standards. A vote is expected by mid-November.

In our view, this action disproportionately favors the state's utilities while removing incentives to increase energy efficiency, which will impact manufacturers on several fronts.  more

August 16, 2013
Offshore Wind Turbines
Breaking the Ice on a New Industry for Northeast Ohio

Wind turbines are being charted to arrive in the waters off Cleveland, and when they do, they will form the vanguard of a new industry for Northeast Ohio manufacturers—offshore wind.

For regional manufacturers, offshore wind means new-market needs for foundations, fabrications, vessels, steel, power conversion, maintenance, and components. The market is expected to create 525 construction, installation, and permanent jobs and provide upwards of $80 million in construction alone.  more

July 19, 2013
Ohio Statehouse
Recently Passed Ohio Budget Bill Impacts State's Wind Industry

House Bill 59 represents legislation for Ohio’s state budget for 2014 and 2015

HB 59, the biennial budget bill passed by both the Ohio House and Senate on June 27th and signed by Governor Kasich on June 30th contained several provisions impacting renewable and advanced energy projects throughout the state. Here's a rundown of the portions of the bill dealing with the wind energy sector.  more

July 16, 2013
German Wind Turbines
GLWN Taps European Know-How for U.S. Offshore Wind Projects

Trade mission to Germany and Denmark helps identify key considerations for port-based projects

Representatives from GLWN had the opportunity to travel to Germany and Denmark with a contingent from the New Bedford (MA) Economic Development Council as part of an international trade mission to observe and evaluate the operations of several major offshore wind installations and the manufacturers that supply turbine components.  more

Ventower Wind Turbine Tower
Towers of Power: Ventower Industries Sees High Demand for Products in 2013-2014

Ventower Industries has been generating a lot of positive press lately. The wind turbine tower supplier and fabricator (and part of the GLWN wind energy supply chain network) has seen its business skyrocket in 2013, due in part to the renewal of the Production Tax Credit at the beginning of this year.

The company has responded to a surge in business by adding work shifts and hiring staff at its 115,000-square-foot Monroe, Michigan plant, according to Ventower vice president, Scott Viciana, who took time out of a hectic schedule to comment on his company's successes in a "Supplier Spotlight" question-and-answer session with GLWN.  more

April 11, 2013
Barge and Blades
The Race to Build a Domestic Offshore Wind Supply Chain

Department of Energy turns to GLWN for competitive analysis of U.S. manufacturing

The potential for offshore wind as a domestic energy source has gradually become a key objective of the U.S. Department of Energy. One project outlined in the departments's Wind Program is an initiative designed to assess the current domestic supply chain infrastructure and recommend strategies for development to support offshore wind deployment. GLWN has been named one of the lead investigative resources funded by a recent grant to research and provide information aimed at furthering America's offshore wind manufacturing and supply chain development.  more

November 27, 2012
Kenston Wind Turbine
Lessons Learned from First Wind Turbine Project

Marous Brothers Construction enters the wind industry and finds immediate success

A Cleveland construction company's ongoing ability to diversify—from site work to road work to plant work—has enabled it to react and acclimate to ever-changing economic climates and ever-emerging industries. And it's foray into the energy industry via the natural gas pipeline subsequently presented Marous Brothers with its first ever wind industry project.  more