Youth Workforce

The students of today are our employees of tomorrow. It's our job to expose students to the opportunities that exist within manufacturing. We serve as the bridge between manufacturing companies, teachers, students, and their parents to start building tomorrow's workforce.


We are currently seeking manufacturers willing to host paid internships for qualified students in welding, machining, and computer aided design (CADD).

  • Access an expanded pool of job candidates and see these candidates in action before hiring them
  • Provide a short-term work experience that potentially leads to long term employment
  • Give students hands-on experience while they establish positive work habits
How it works!
  • Interns work in the afternoon for approximately 10 hours per week
  • Employers determine the rate of pay, at least minimum wage
  • Company sponsor is assigned to mentor the intern while onsite
  • Liability insurance for students participating in an internship will be covered by Cleveland Metropolitan School District
  • Other roles and responsibilities – click for details
Jose P

José, a 12th grade welding student at Max Hayes Career Technical High School, is qualified for an internship.

Jose loves welding!

In 9th grade he was instantly hooked by the arc discharged by the electric current, and was excited that he could create metal projects from scratch. In his third year of welding, Jose is on his way to earning AWS certifications in MIG, TIG, and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW).

"I would like to get hands on experience and see the welding process in the field," said José, who thinks welding is a good career option after he completes high school.




WIRE-Net's Youth Workforce team (pictured left to right)
Jessica Westropp, Jonathan Rivera, and Brianna Schultz.

Youth Workforce Team

The Bridge

The Youth Team wants to tap into WIRE-Net's member network, to bring businesses into the school and take students to companies. This bridge allows for a unique student work-based learning experience that prepares them for life after graduation. The bridge allows companies to have a hand in developing exactly what they are looking for in their future workforce.

  • Classroom presentations: Speakers share their own career path story, career specific educational requirements, and samples of their work.
  • Plant tours: Students get firsthand look at work environment, receive advice about careers and the type of training and educational coursework employees need.
  • Job shadows: Mock-interview day with HR professional, followed by a shadow day (2-4 hours), unpaid worksite experiences where students spend time with a competent worker in order to learn about a career and observe daily work activities.

Encore Cleveland: Technical Corps Program

Industry technicians who are retired or in transition assist in classrooms and support teachers with hands-on learning that prepares students for pre-apprenticeships, paid internships, and industry certifications.  more >

Technical Corp Program

For more information about WIRE-Net's Youth Programs, contact Brianna Schultz, Director of Youth Programs, at 216.920.1967.