Northeast Ohio Manufacturing
Apprenticeship Consortium

Our Challenge

WIRE-Net knows that one of the biggest workforce challenges facing Northeast Ohio manufacturers is the lack of a skilled workforce. WIRE-Net is working with manufacturers to tackle this challenge by organizing Industrial Maintenance and CNC Machinist apprenticeship consortiums.

Demand Supply Alignment Table

Source: Building Opportunities for Cleveland Residents: Aligning Demand and Supply of Professional and Technical Education — COMMISSIONED BY THE CLEVELAND FOUNDATION (SEPTEMBER 2014)

Our Solution

Our goal is to bring several companies together to create a plug-and-play approach where local manufacturers can rely on WIRE-Net to handle the administration and logistics of establishing an apprenticeship program.

WIRE-Net will:

  • Manage the relationship with the Ohio State Apprenticeship Council (OSAC) so you can focus on running your business and providing the on-the-job training needed for these challenging positions.
  • Organize several companies with similar talent needs. This group will compare notes and share best practices when it comes to providing the training and integrating apprenticeship into your organization.
  • Manage the relationship with training provider(s) to develop a curriculum that, along with on-the-Job training provides Consortium members with a program customized to your specific needs. This will include both providing the technical classroom training and providing support as you build out your on-the-job training.

Get Started Today

You can join WIRE-Net's Northeast Ohio Manufacturing Apprenticeship Consortium (NOMAC) in four simple steps.

Step 1
Sign your company up as a Consortium Member

Sign an agreement that specifies the mutual responsibilities of NOMAC and the employer.

Step 2
Select your apprentices

NOMAC will ask you to determine who and how many people you would like to enroll in the apprenticeship program. NOMAC can assist you with identifying

  • The best option according to your staffing and production needs
  • Prospective new hires that might be a good fit for your company as a new apprentice

Once you select your apprentice candidates, NOMAC will verify that the apprentice meets the eligibility requirements. NOMAC can assist the apprentice in meeting the eligibility requirements.

Step 3
Identify your Journeyperson mentor(s)

Identify mentor(s) for each apprentice who are

  • Considered an expert
  • Interested in sharing their knowledge and skills
  • Eager to help an apprentice grow and learn
  • Willing to evaluate the apprentice's skill level

Step 4
Implement your On-the-Job Training (OJT) System

A critical component of any apprenticeship program is engaging the apprentice in all facets of the job under structured expert guidance.We will help your OJT trainers develop necessary skills to deliver a quality OJT experience to your apprentice and support them throughout the program.

Coordinate with NOMAC to enroll your apprentice in Related Technical Instruction (RTI)

Apprentices will be part of a NOMAC Training Cohort with preferred providers vetted by consortium employers.


For more information about the Northeast Ohio Manufacturing Apprenticeship Consortium, contact Michael Hoag, Vice President of Workforce Development, at 216.920.1958.