Adult Workforce

A stable and productive workforce is critical to the profitable operation of any manufacturing business. WIRE-Net offers programs and services that address employers' workforce needs. We specialize in employment and training, so you don’t have to know everything.

Manufacturing Employees


Does it make sense to turn your search for qualified employees over to a trusted resource – and save money in the bargain? Our staff experts have many years of recruiting experience in manufacturing companies. We provide a one-stop service, including:

  • search
  • assessments
  • resume review
  • background screening

—all at a competitive price. We focus on long-term retention and your satisfaction. We also provide discounts for WIRE-Net members.

Tired of employees who seem qualified, but are a poor fit or don’t stay around very long? Use the professionals.

Contact T.J. McGowan, Employment Services Manager, at 216.588.1441.

Job Seekers

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Apprenticeship Consortium

Our goal is to bring several companies together to create a plug-and-play approach where local manufacturers can rely on WIRE-Net to handle the administration and logistics of establishing an apprenticeship program.

Contact Michael Hoag, Vice President of Workforce Development, at 216.920.1958.


WorkAdvance is a county-wide sector-based workforce strategy designed to help fill "gateway" jobs and promote advancement opportunities through skill building and career coaching. The program will help individuals move along career pathways and employers find and promote new talent.

WorkAdvance is a collaboration among Towards Employment (Lead Agency), Employment Connection, MAGNET, WIRE-Net, The Center for Families and Children, and The Literacy Cooperative of Greater Cleveland.

For more information about WIRE-Net's Adult Workforce programs, contact Michael Hoag, Vice President of Workforce Development, at 216.920.1958.