About Us

Cultivating the Advanced Energy Supply Chain

It all starts with a call, a click, a contact, a connection.

"How can I update my manufacturing process to tap into the advanced-energy marketplace? Is there anyone or anything that can help me connect with the right customers? To stay competitive, we need to invest here and abroad . . . but where, how?"

At GLWN, we are asked via phone, web, or in person for help in navigating the complicated yet potentially rewarding energy world.

Who is GLWN?

GLWN is a non-profit international advanced-energy supply chain network and advisory group whose mission is to localize new business opportunities in the growing energy industry. GLWN identifies critical needs, and connects manufacturers and suppliers with new customers. GLWN.org is a leading online industry resource.

Launched in 2007 as the Great Lakes WIND Network, GLWN is an initiative of WIRE-Net, a non-profit economic development organization located in Cleveland, Ohio. To learn more, visit www.wire-net.org.


We're your link to OEMs and developers. Your resource for identifying critical needs. Your manufacturing-to-supplier connection to new customers. Using our interactive website and GIS mapping system gives you unparalleled access to seek and be found across the industry. And around the world.

We work closely with State economic develop groups to advance and engage their regional manufacturers in the expanding renewable energy supply chain. GLWN conducts industry specific research and analysis to identify U.S. manufacturing suppliers, and to assess supplier competitiveness in the global market.

GLWN means power in an industry with untapped business potential. It all starts with a call, a click, a contact, a connection.

For more information about GLWN, contact Dee Holody at 216.920.1959.